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Cook the Issue 2010: 200th post!! Beef Wellington

  • Puff pastry and crepes with duxelles/pate spread.
  • The table is laid.
  • For the kids- Vienna Beef Wellington

By Pielove, member

November 20th, 2010

This was a lot of work, but wow, what a dish-- incredible.  We had a little dinner party to celebrate the occasion-- everyone was quite taken with this recipe: "excellent", and "amazing" were the comments.  The beef was perfectly cooked (I only took it up to 125 degrees) and the pate/duxelles mixture, plus the crepes, made a delicious savory coating-- then the buttery puff pastry over the whole thing-- whoa.  The sauce was good too-- very beefy and complemented the flavor very well.  As cook's privilege, I snagged one of the heels and the beef juices plus the duxelles and pate were amazing with the pastry.  Amazingly delicious.

Recipe Used: Classic Beef Wellington

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Pielove writes: Thanks liamsaunt-- no, I took a good amount of time off in August, so you are wearing the yellow leader's jersey! Keep up the great posting-- I am rooting for you to make it to 300 posts! Posted: 5:00 pm on November 27th

liamsaunt writes: Looks fantastic, and congrats on 200! I thought you were way ahead of me! Posted: 12:18 pm on November 26th

Pielove writes: Thanks everyone!! It was great! Posted: 9:50 am on November 25th

sbreckenridge writes: Looks gorgeous! congrats on your 200th...I love the kids' version ;-) Posted: 12:41 pm on November 23rd

FC_Editors writes: Congrats on your 200th Cook the Issue recipe! Posted: 2:48 pm on November 22nd

kitchengoddess writes: WOW!!! What a dinner! looks fantastic. Congrats on reaching the 200th mark! Posted: 9:21 am on November 22nd

user-4713770 writes: Sorry about that typo...v= what the heck is that? Posted: 1:15 am on November 21st

user-4713770 writes: Fantastic! The kiddy version is a great idea, my grand girl would go for the adult version and my grandson, neither one.

Every couple of years I make Beef Wellington for a holiday dinner, but when whole tenderloins go on sale and I cut small roasts, I can make a small version for just a few of us, you are tempting me, but no way would you ever get me to make the puff pastry again in my lifetime. I'll use store bought or brioche dough.

Most of the time I use an old Craig Claiborne's recipe, but if you want a challenge try Julia Child's version. Reading the recipe is a challenge. She has a v=few versions out there.

In any case, good job! Posted: 1:07 am on November 21st

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