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Cook the Issue 2010: Beef Wellington Part 4: Chicken Liver Pate

By Pielove, member

November 21st, 2010

Posted well after the fact, here is the last component of the Beef Wellington.  It was kind of gross to make, as the livers pureed into this pink, liquidy glop that bakes up into a livery-looking solid whose color is a bit too greenish to be called "golden-brown".  But the taste is excellent and the texture is lovely-- soft, smooth, and almost fluffy.  Of course, the proof is in the Wellington, where it (combined with the duxelles), made a beautiful, savory, rich coating for the beef.

Recipe Used: Chicken Liver Pate

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Pielove writes: Hi ICD-- prosciutto instead of crepes sounds really good. The crepes were good too-- they soaked up the juices and were really tasty. It wasn't too much pastry-- they crepes were really thin. Posted: 4:14 pm on November 21st

user-4713770 writes: So happy you made it through Wellington night, sounds like a great party. I am curious about the crepes as I have ever made them for a recipe like this, they almost make me think that it was just too much with a pastry wrapped roast. What do you think?

Take a peek at Tyler Florence's recipe when you have a minute as I also use prosciutto. Pate is my favorite, but hard to come by and the duxelles has become standard for my recipe. Too bad, Craig Claiborne's recipe calls for truffles, about 4 of them.

Tell your dad to try a habanero pepper jelly, it is fantastic served with the jalapeno pepper jelly at Christmas time. Posted: 4:04 pm on November 21st

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