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Spaghetti with lobster

By flavio63, member

Posted: November 28th, 2010

"Spaghetti with lobster" and' a simple and savory dish.

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2 lobsters of the weight of around 300-350 grs. the one.
500 grams spaghetti.
1/2 minced onion.
2 whole cloves of garlic.
2 spoons of bits tomato.
I oil age.
salt and pepper.
sweet paprika.
white wine.
minced parsley.

To divide in two parts, in the longitudinal sense, the lobsters, extract the contained pulp, let's mince her/it coarsely, we aromatize with the sweet paprika and let's put her/it aside.
We take a frying pan, we pour 6 spoons of oil age and soffriggiamo the onion and the garlic without, we eliminate the garlic, we add the caresses of the lobster, let's make her brown for 2-3 minutes, we put 1 glass of white wine, we add the tomato and we continue the cooking for about 30-40 minutes. If the juice tightens too much him we add warm water.
We start the water boiling, we add the salt and we put the pasta, the time of cooking and' of about 8 minutes.
Departed 8 minutes, we put in the frying pan the pulp of the lobster with the paprika, we add the pasta and we make to jump the all for 4 minutes, if it needs we use the water of cooking of the pasta. We add abundant parsley, pepper and we serve well warm.


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