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Cook the Issue 2010

Cook the Issue 2010: Turkey Soup with Dill Dumplings

By Pielove, member

November 29th, 2010

This soup was really satisfying-- and not just because it represents the last of my leftover turkey!  It was tasty and quite different from my usual turkey soup too.  I rarely use parsnips (although I have been meaning to try that parsnip pie) and they added a sweet but nutty taste.  The tomatoes were good too-- they moved the flavor of the soup away from turkey soup and more toward vegetable soup-- not a bad thing on day X of turkey leftovers.

As for the dumplings, well my Mom makes a similar dumpling to go in turkey soup.  Mom's dumplings are really good-- my brother and I used to fight over them when we were kids.  Hers do not use this fancy creampuff technique, so there is a lot less mess and less stirring-- as ICD said, if you are going to go through that much stirring, you might as well get some nice creampuffs.  The dumplings were tasty enough, but a little too soft for my taste-- they were okay, but I wouldn't fight with my brother over them.


Recipe Used: Turkey Soup with Dill, Parsley, and Chive Dumplings

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user-4713770 writes: We can probably discuss dumplings forever, your recipe is from your mom and mine instinctively are gnocchi as dumplings go in my world, no one taught me, I wish that I had a teacher.

It was good to try something new, and I liked the soft, gentle texture...try the goat cheese gnocchi that I posted, a new world of dumplings, melt in your mouth and I added the recipe to my MasterCook Posted: 11:04 pm on November 29th

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