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Cook the Issue 2010 - Classic French Omelet

By user-4713770, member

December 1st, 2010

I have never made a Classic French Omelet in my life, omelets, yes but never the CFO., thanks to Nicki, Sarah and the video crew magazine extras 104.   I can only get better as I have never been consistently disciplined in the art of the omelet.  A simple valuable lesson that I am sure most people have mastered.  I loved the ooey gooey Gruyere.

First of all taking photos before the sun comes up is only for professionals with great studio lighting.  Now for the recipe, I truly believe that omelets need the best and freshest eggs that one can find.  My omelet is pale because the egg yolks were pale and not my usual brand, but at least the omelet had no brown coloring from cooking.  I couldn't a get a fluffy scramble out of the eggs to save my life so my omelet is what it is and a great lesson for me, quick breakfast for a busy day and I look forward to better omelets and a better finished photo.


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user-4713770 writes: Oh the videos are worth looking at, who knew? Not me...Well, I was lagging behind so while I am at home, I try, but you two have kicked my butt! Y'all have cooked things that I won't touch...BTW Cuban Pork Sandwiches is not part of the challenge, but if you have some pork left, OMG, delicious!

The pasta videos are good. So teach your daughter, start easy like I did spaghetti. Posted: 9:03 pm on December 1st

Pielove writes: That looks lovely-- thanks for the review, I will have to check out the video. The videos are really helpful.

Hey, you have been cooking up a storm! Posted: 8:26 pm on December 1st

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