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Cook the Issue 2010

Cook the Issue 2010: Turkey Cutlets and Black Beans with Tangerine-Habanero Sauce

By liamsaunt, member

December 2nd, 2010

First off, I used chicken cutlets instead of turkey--I have had enough turkey to last quite a while!!  This recipe was really good--easy, fast, and great flavor.  The mojo sauce was awesome--garlicky, sweet, and spicy (I added some chile to the sauce as well as the beans).  This would make a great summer salad with grilled chicken or turkey and everything else tossed together with some extra cilantro and sweet raw onion.

This is recipe #220 for me and I have not heard re: my dessert prize for recipe #200.  Please send it to me, Fine Cooking editors! Thank you! :-)

Also, I am now gone for another 10 days of no cooking, this time my husband and I are taking our niece and nephew and their Mom to Disney.  When I come back, niece and I are tackling the croquembouche! 

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Texas_Foodie writes: Wow! 220 recipes! You must be feeding an army! My family - (me and my husband :) - just don't eat that much...of course, I also have to pick out things that a picky husband will eat!! I've about given up on the contest and just decided to try new things that I know he will eat..... Even so, it's been a lot of fun. This is one recipe I will try when he is not home! Posted: 5:53 pm on December 7th

FC_Editors writes: Congrats, liamsaunt! And thank you for all 220 posts. When you get back from vacation you'll have the croquembouche AND hundreds of more dessert recipes to try; your dessert cookbook prize package is on its way! Thanks again to one of our favorite cooks! Posted: 10:57 am on December 3rd

Pielove writes: Hey, that looks great (again!). I'm thinking about trying it with fish-- I am turkeyed out too! Have a great time in Disney-- you are the best aunt ever. I look forward to seeing the croq when you get back. Posted: 9:42 am on December 3rd

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