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Kabocha, My Love

By evan barbour, editorial assistant

December 6th, 2010

Everyone around here knows this about me: I'm weirdly obsessed with kabocha squash. If it's in a Thai curry at a tasting in the Test Kitchen, I'll go nuts over it and resort to making myself a full plate after all recipes are tasted, ignoring the remnants of whatever dessert or luscious braise may be laying around. Kabocha just hits all the right notes for my tastes; and the starchy, substantial, sweet orange squash is one of my favorite foods, let alone favorite vegetable. My default way to have it is simple: simmered in a soy sauce, garlic and sesame flavored broth and generously drizzled with tahini - I can (and do) make a meal out of it. Just thinking about it is making me hungry.

However, add sausage, arborio rice and cheese to the mix and you've got my idea of heaven. And that's exactly what Dr. April and Sherri do at CrunchTimeFood, a blog about cooking wholesome, delicious meals for a family. I can't wait to try their Kabocha Squash and Sausage Risotto, which has a double hit from my favorite vegetable: a homemade kabocha squash soup base, along with cubes of the stuff. In fact, it might be dangerous to have something like this cooking in my kitchen.

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