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Cook the Issue 2010

Cook the Issue 2010: Ham Lo Mein with Snow Peas

By Pielove, member

December 7th, 2010

This is a fairly standard lo mein recipe, nothing earthshattering-- but in a good way, as my noodle-loving family (especially the kid) really enjoyed it.  My daughter liked it so much she requested the leftovers for lunch tomorrow.  The fresh ham is delicious here-- very tasty with the noodles.  My red bell pepper fell prey to a husbandly 'fridge cleanout, so we just have snow peas, which I left large for effect.  

Recipe Used: Ham Lo Mein with Shiitake and Snow Peas

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Comments (5)

Pielove writes: kitchengoddess, that sounds like fun! The tortellini would make a good group project too. Posted: 8:47 pm on December 9th

kitchengoddess writes: Maybe we should all just get together and make one big croquembouche and eat it all by ourselves and have ourselves a party! :) Posted: 11:48 am on December 9th

user-4713770 writes: I agree about the excuse and party, but I have been looking around at some of the mini versions, say for 4 people and I could manage that, maybe make ones to be shared by two or three people. Just an idea below and there are several others. Posted: 1:27 pm on December 8th

Pielove writes: ICD, the original recipe called for shiitakes, but my family doesn't like shrooms, alas. As for the croquembouche, I would like to make it-- I just need an excuse and a party! Posted: 10:09 am on December 8th

user-4713770 writes: My granddaughter would take the leftovers for lunch as well, good for you. I wasn’t sure about the seasoned ham for the lo mein and I would be tempted to toss in some shiitakes for whatever might be in the veggie bin, sorry about your red pepper.

Are you going to make the croquembouche. I wish that I had an excuse to make it, but I can’t justify that amount of work for just a few dinner guests, maybe a mini version would work for me, I'll consider that possibility. Reminds me that you might consider a kids version if you gather with lots of kids, made with donut holes, might even be good for a holiday breakfast buffet.
Posted: 7:50 am on December 8th

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