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Cook the Issue 2010

Cook the Issue 2010: Vegetarian Chopped Liver

By Pielove, member

December 12th, 2010

Chopped liver is one of my favorite spreads-- it's so rich and tasty.  This spread looks uncannily like real chopped liver and is just as tasty-- if not better.  I love mushrooms-- I had a hard time keeping my tasting spoon out of the duxelles for the Beef Wellington, and this spread was really excellent too.  This spread is good enough that it deserves its own name-- maybe mushroom pate?  Plus I bet it would be really good if the mushrooms and onions were cooked in schmaltz (of course no more "vegetarian" then).

Recipe Used: Vegetarian Chopped Liver

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Comments (3)

Spokanecook writes: Delish! I am not a vegetarian so, for me, that wasn't the draw to this recipe. The fact is, it's a beautiful combination of ingredients. I served it with rye crostini. It's unreal; everybody loved it. I think i'll put the leftovers in pasta! Posted: 10:34 pm on January 1st

Pielove writes: Ha, I heated some up with cream to use as a pasta sauce-- it looked completely awful (and I will spare you my 5-year-old's description) but it was delicious! Posted: 8:38 pm on December 14th

ebarbour writes: I'm so glad you liked this! We loved it here at FC, too; it was definitely a sleeper hit in the Test Kitchen. Melissa Clark also recommends using it as ravioli filling...yum! Posted: 9:24 am on December 14th

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