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One of my favorite Italian cookies goes French

By evan barbour, editorial assistant

December 13th, 2010

Every Christmas for the past few years, I've made my second favorite Italian cookie (after the iconic rainbow cookie): cucidati. They're like Fig Newtons with a spicy, addictive Italian accent, and when I bake them, I can easily polish off a batch by myself. Essentially, cucidati have a filling made with figs, raisins, citrus zest, nuts, spices and liqueur (I use brandy), which is then wrapped in a slightly sweet vanilla-butter dough. They last for weeks in a cookie tin; in fact, in the best Christmas cookie fashion, they get better with age. It's a travesty that I won't be making them this year - while I adore them, my family prefers biscotti and rainbow cookies - but our days certainly aren't over, as there's always next year...or any time, really.


Perhaps it's my longing for the figgy treats this Christmas that drew me to day 8 of Julia at Melanger's 12-day macaron challenge; it's all about the cucidati macarons. She created the ideal affair: a polished, fashionable, French cookie paired with a spicy, sultry, iconic Sicilian filling - it's fare to remember, that's for sure. Macarons are the perfect canvas for experimentation, and this version is the embodiment of two pastry cultures, meeting under the holiday mistletoe. 

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