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Cook the Issue 2010: Seared Rib-Eyes with Romesco Sauce and Wilted Spinach with Olives

By Pielove, member

December 12th, 2010

The combination of steak, sauce, and veg makes a delicious meal.  I had some really wonderful steaks from our meat people ( and I managed to cook them perfectly by searing them, then roasting them to medium rare in the oven while I used the skillet to make the sauce and spinach.  Unlike some of the reviewers, I thought the spinach was really tasty-- but with such excellent meat, the sauce was almost superfluous.  I might serve the leftover sauce on bread, or maybe with a bit of fish.  

This was my fourth and final recipe from the Beef with the Seasons article in Issue 107 and my absolute favorite-- certainly saving the best for last!

Recipe Used: Seared Rib-Eye Cutlets with Romesco Sauce and Wilted Spinach with Olives

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