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Best of the Blogs 2010: Kitchen Stunts

By Fine Cooking Editors, editor

December 28th, 2010

We're counting down the best blog posts of 2010, organized into five fun categories, as our way of highlighting food bloggers who keep us interested, feed our obsession for beautiful, creative, delicious-looking dishes, bloggers who make us think and compel us into our own kitchens, and who always seem to have the right recipe at the right time (how do they always know?).

Day Two:
Monday we featured posts you wish you could Eat with Your Eyes: The most beautiful food styling and photography. Congrats to Aran Goyoaga, author of Cannelle et Vanille. Her Pear, Apple, and Fennel Salad was voted the most gorgeous post of 2010. We picked Wannabe_Chef's comment at random, so she's getting more eye candy to look at: Taunton's Harvest to Heat and Absolutely Chocolate!

Today, we're sharing our picks for 2010's Best Kitchen Stunts: Cooking feats of silliness or extreme daring. From a blogger who bakes the unexpected inside every cupcake to a James Beard nominated and IACP award winning blogger we consider the ultimate omnivore, these are people who grab the blog by the horns, constantly coming up with unique ways to express themselves through food and cooking.

The Fun and the funny. . .

Serious Eats:  Buffalo Fried Turkey
A new, completely ridiculous twist on the Thanksgiving bird: a deep-fried, hot sauce-laced turkey served with blue cheese and celery. It’s gross and awesome all at the same time.
Denise Mickelsen, associate editor

Bake It in a Cake
Megan Seling has devoted herself to a sweet take on turducken: pies, baklavas, and many other sweet things baked inside cupcakes.
Lisa Waddle, managing editor

LOST Finale Tribute Gelatin Mold
The Jello Mistress of Brooklyn's blog is filled with ingenious Jell-O molds that actually make otherwise icky, retro food deliciously appealing. This LOST tribute mold is smart, unique and funny enough to take the cake (...or, um...mold).
Evan Barbour, editorial assistant

Serious Eats:  Buffalo Fried Turkey
  Megan Seling's Bake It in a Cake   The Jello Mistress's LOST Finale Tribute Gelatin Mold

And, on the serious side. . .

Hunter Angler Gardener Cook: Cooking Canada Geese
Growing up, I lived near a lake that was perpetually surrounded by Canada geese (don't call them Canadian!). They made it near impossible to play on the grass. At the time, I thought of them as nothing but a nuisance—if only I had seen Hank Shaw's blog, which artfully turns them into dinner. Then again, who knows what New Jersey-reared geese are really eating?
Melissa Denchak, assistant editor

Wrightfood's Lamb Prosciutto
Making your own prosciutto by hand is daunting enough, but Matt at Wrightfood is doing it with lamb. I'm rooting for him and I can't wait to see how it turns out.
Jennifer Armentrout, senior food editor

Hunter Angler Gardener Cook: Cooking Canada Geese Photo: Holly A. Heyser
  Wrightfood's Lamb Prosciutto Photo: Matt Wright

Congrats to JeanCooks; she won two of our most fun cookbooks: Desserts 4 Today and Dessert Express.

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Comments (14)

Daisy522 writes: I love the bake it in a cake site. YUMM! Posted: 7:08 pm on December 29th

mogmog writes: A surprise inside my cupcake...why didn't I think of that. Posted: 6:29 pm on December 29th

syscokid writes: Mmmmm,Prosciutto, can't go wrong with that. Posted: 1:52 pm on December 29th

dyelen writes: Jello molds freak me out - what's hiding in there?! Posted: 1:34 pm on December 29th

ceodraiocht writes: Victoria's creativity with jello is not Lost on me! Posted: 12:39 pm on December 29th

EmilyR writes: I'm so glad to know what to do with a Canada Goose next time someone in my building runs one over =) Posted: 12:11 pm on December 29th

raitken_fcweb writes: Our poll published, but then dropped off the page overnight. Sorry about that! It's back up again and will take your votes now. Posted: 11:07 am on December 29th

chacha747 writes: There's always room for Jell-O!!! Loved LOST and I love the Jell-O Island! Posted: 6:42 pm on December 28th

helere writes: It really can't get much sillier with the Lost Final Tribute Gelatin Mold! I love the idea of a jello tribute! Posted: 5:49 pm on December 28th

JeanCooks writes: A hot winged turkey, blue cheese dressing...who knew! Looks good enough to eat - gorgeous colors! Posted: 4:31 pm on December 28th

PaniniKathy writes: These are all such impressive culinary feats. My vote would be for the buffalo fried turkey - you know that had to be flavorful! Posted: 4:30 pm on December 28th

Pielove writes: I don't want anything "unexpected" inside my cupcake, but I do think that Canada geese are quite the nuisance, so I favor eating them. Isn't it illegal though (migratory birds and all that)?? Posted: 4:24 pm on December 28th

Wannabe_Chef writes: I would have never even thought about curing my own meats. Thank you Wrightfood for sharing the process. Posted: 4:23 pm on December 28th

pdaily writes: I always love the mystery of hidden flavors in a cake, cupcake, etc. It is fun to listen to people try to guess what you put inside. Posted: 4:15 pm on December 28th

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