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Best of the Blogs 2010: Penny-Pinching Posts

By Fine Cooking Editors, editor

December 30th, 2010

We're counting down the best blog posts of 2010, organized into five fun categories, as our way of highlighting food bloggers who keep us interested, feed our obsession for beautiful, creative, delicious-looking dishes, bloggers who make us think and compel us into our own kitchens, and who always seem to have the right recipe at the right time (how do they always know?).

Day Four:
Wednesday, we shared our picks for the best written blogs on the Web. For her comment, akitchendiva won more good reads: Harvest to Heat and Desserts 4 Today. Also we’re giving a shout-out to three other divas: Our poll determined Three Many Cooks is the best written blog of 2010 (we bet even their shopping lists are interesting reads). Congrats.

Today we’re shining a light on those real-world, penny-pinching bloggers whose posts help us stretch our food dollars in style.

Poor Girl Gourmet: The Frugal Lunch
I’m lazy about packing lunch and need all the encouragement I can get to save some money on this part of my weekly expenditures. Poor Girl's blog is full of inspiration and practical pointers.
Jennifer Armentrout, senior food editor

Not Eating Out In New York: Sourdough and Spent Grain Bread
Blogger Cathy Erway, author of The Art of Eating In, has created a community of friends from the local food and beer producers in New York City. In one of my favorite posts she makes her own bread using some of her friend's excess sourdough starter and the spent grain mash from her friends at Six Point Brewery. It's a delicious act of thriftiness and environmental stewardship.
Evan Barbour, editorial assistant

Poor Girl Gourmet: The Frugal Lunch   Not Eating Out In New York: Sourdough and Spent Grain Bread

Food in Jars
This year I vowed to waste less fresh produce and create some thrifty Christmas gifts by really learning to make and can my own jams and preserves. Blogger Marisa McClellan’s recipes are accessible, intriguing, and best of all, gives me the confidence that I won’t kill myself or my family.
Sarah Breckenridge, senior Web producer

Eat Well, Eat Cheap: Bargin Wine of the Week
I’d been drinking the same wine since college. Hey, wine is expensive; I don’t want to order something I might not like, right? When a friend told me it was time I started drinking “big girl wine,” I knew I had to grow up and branch out. But where to start? Luckily, there’s Eat Well, Eat Cheap. Hitched bloggers Ruth and Tim offer up a bargain wine of the week and they’ve never let me down.
Robyn Doyon-Aitken, Web producer

Food in Jars   Eat Well, Eat Cheap: Bargin Wine of the Week



Update: Preserving the seasons is no fad. You love Food in Jars. SonyaJMills, a new fan, left a comment that won her Cooking from the Garden and Big Buy. Enjoy!

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Note: Winners were posted roughly 24 hours after the poll went up. It has since officially closed. Thanks for voting.

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Comments (9)

pdaily writes: I love the Food in Jars ideas. I am getting totally ready for the new year remodel of my kitchen, menus and blog feeds with these new great blog links. What fun!!! Posted: 11:56 am on January 1st

Tea22 writes: I can't live without POOR GIRL GOURMET! Posted: 1:35 pm on December 31st

AKNicki writes: Food in Jars makes me happy! Posted: 3:20 am on December 31st

SonyaJMills writes: Food in Jars is a new find for me, but perfect timing as Mom gave me a pressure canner for Christmas and I've never canned before! Posted: 12:36 am on December 31st

cathiels writes: Food in Jars is my fave!! Posted: 11:57 pm on December 30th

Brooke_in_Oregon writes: Food in Jars was one of the blogs that pushed me to break out of my routine and try some FUN canning! :) Posted: 10:25 pm on December 30th

PortlandPH writes: One of my all time favs! Posted: 8:46 pm on December 30th

jaxs728 writes: I Love to read the Food in Jars Blog.. :) Posted: 8:22 pm on December 30th

dineindiva writes: Love Food In Jars - some fun and creative ideas for sure! Posted: 8:21 pm on December 30th

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