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Best of the Blogs 2010: Armchair Traveler

We're counting down the best blog posts of 2010, organized into five fun categories, as our way of highlighting food bloggers who keep us interested, feed our obsession for beautiful, creative, delicious-looking dishes, bloggers who make us think and compel us into our own kitchens, and who always seem to have the right recipe at the right time (how do they always know?).

Day Five:
Who doesn’t wish she could travel the world and eat her way around the globe? Thanks to today’s featured bloggers, we get a virtual taste of exotic cuisines from faraway places. Today’s cream of the blogger crop allow us to be armchair travelers and are ambassadors of the food and cultures they’re passionate about.

As its name suggests, EatingAsia covers the fare of Malaysia, Vietnam, the Philippines, and beyond. This post, called Op La La!, is a nice example of a hunger-inducing description for a simple fried egg dish.
Melissa Denchak, assistant editor


I love to read Annisa Helou's blogs.  Being part Lebanese is a factor, but  I always learn something and I’m constantly entertained by the dialogue she has with her readers. This recent post is about salep, an ingredient made from orchid tubers and the beverage of a similar name. 
–John Baroody, Fine Cooking PR

 EatingAsia's Oh La La!    Anissa's Salep

Rambling Spoon

Journalist Karen Coates has spent a dozen years covering food, health and travels throughout Asia. Great travel photos, cooking photos, and recipes.
Lisa Waddle, managing editor

The Armenian Kitchen

I’ve become entranced with the familiar-but-exotic flavors of Armenian cooking and this blog is one of my favorite guides. Robyn and Doug Kalajian collect and share recipes from the Armenian-American community, from pomegranate jelly to borags (cheese fillo pastries).
Sarah Breckenridge, senior Web producer

The Rambling Spoon's Earthy Roasted Massaman Curry   The Armenian Kitchen's Simit

Robyn and Doug’s blog The Armenian Kitchen takes the poll while commenter pdaily takes Friday’s cookbook giveaway. P won Harvest to Heat and the authority on New Orleans cooking, David Guas’ Damn Good Sweet. Congrats!

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pdaily writes: I really enjoy the technical detail of both the Rambling Spoon and Eating Asia. It answers so many questions that pop into your head and ideas that you would never have even thought of. Off to seach for a wonderful black-eyed pea recipe! Thanks for the blog series it was fun and enlightening. Posted: 12:17 pm on January 1st

Sasha_GlobalTable writes: I'm a big fan of Karen and Rambling Spoon. Her writing is so vivid; it makes me feel like I am right there with her. Posted: 6:40 pm on December 31st

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