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Cook the Issue 2010: The Martini

By Pielove, member

January 2nd, 2011

Well, we got back to Chicago today from a long visit back East, including cancelled flights and too much driving to the airport, but lots of fun and good times with my side of the family.  So, with the cupboard bare, it was a pleasure to find the new issue of FC in the gigantic pile of bills and junk mail.  Martinis and take-out pizza for dinner, anyone?

This martini recipe has a lot of vermouth-- we usually make a "Nick and Nora" martini with 1 part vermouth to 2 parts gin, but this version has 1 to 1.  This makes a lovely, soft, herbal drink without that gin burn from too high a concentration of alcohol.  Yummy, especially with our favorite vermouth, Vya, which I was surprised to see omitted from the recommended types in the article.  Oh well, I am so glad that we have, collectively, progressed from that macho, ultra-dry, "just whisper the word vermouth" business-- because the martini is, in fact, a mixed drink.  If you want a glass of gin, you may order it-- I'll have The Martini.

Recipe Used: The Martini

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