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Tea Time

By Rebecca Freedman, senior editor

January 7th, 2011

I know it’s girly of me, but I love a good tea party (even pretend ones with the kids). So I was thrilled to come across these adorable shortbread cookies by blogger Darla at Bakingdom. She punches a little hole in each cookie before baking, and threads a cookie onto each spoon handle. Such a clever presentation, and so precious! They make me want to break the tea set out right now.

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CookerGal writes: @Mydogsmom - Uh. I think that's the point. It seems to me that they're *supposed* to be fun, whimsical, silly. At least, that's the impression I get from the photos, as well as from reading the actual post about them. Posted: 1:27 pm on May 17th

callalily57 writes: my grandchildren would love to have a tea party with these. My only problem is I could see them putting the cookies on and off the spoon and eventually a spoon and the tea go flying through the air. lol But being the grammy that I am I'm going to have to try it cause my girls LOVE tea parties Posted: 6:27 pm on January 18th

Mydogsmom writes: I'm sorry, I love a good tea party as much as any girly girl could, but I don't find these cookies precious, I find them silly... Posted: 2:28 pm on January 18th

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