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Cook the Issue 2010: Peppermint Meringue Kisses

By Pielove, member

January 9th, 2011

I had a lot of egg whites left over after making the lemon curd for the tart, so I made a double recipe.  Actually, my daughter and I made a double recipe-- we watched the online video together and then made the whole recipe.  She really enjoyed whipping the egg whites-- "So shiny!!"-- and sprinkling the candy can pieces.  Perhaps you can tell from the exuberant sprinkling that a 6-year-old was involved.  

We piped out half the batter, then I sifted on and folded in some cocoa powder for chocolate meringues-- favored by the adults, not by the kid.  My daughter love, love, loved these.  I found the texture a bit like sweet styrofoam, but I liked the cocoa and mint.  Two notes: first, I recommend crushing the candy a bit finer-- our pieces were a bit too big.  Also, I didn't whip the egg whites enough, so I have kind of sloppy kisses!  (smooooootch!)

Recipe Used: Peppermint Meringue Kisses

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Pielove writes: ICD, that is so cute-- my daughter dropped a bracelet in her Easy Bake Oven, so we can't actually use it-- otherwise we would be doing the same thing!
liamsaunt, yes, this is one of the online extras-- it is from the same video as the nutella brownie bites. I don't recommend it, especially since you have mentioned you don't like sweet... Posted: 4:56 pm on January 9th

user-4713770 writes: You guys are so good at desserts and the meringues look lovely, sweet Styrofoam is so funny. Glad your daughter enjoys cooking as does my granddaughter. When I left Idaho, she was still cranking out "Easy Bake Oven" recipes. Posted: 4:51 pm on January 9th

liamsaunt writes: So pretty! Is this an online extra? Posted: 4:32 pm on January 9th

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