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Keep Your Resolution and Eat Your Meatloaf, Too.

By evan barbour, editorial assistant

January 24th, 2011

For someone who doesn't love cupcakes, I sure like to talk about them. This time around, though, I have my reasons, because these cupcakes involve meatloaf. And as you can probably tell from our latest Fine Cooking cover, the FC crew is mad about meatloaf right now. 

However, a 10x4-inch hunk of meat that's laced with cheddar and beer and wrapped in bacon might go against whatever resolutions you have at this time of year to do those p90x workouts, run that 5K, or go vegetarian a few nights a week. But I think the only thing that comes from deprivation is rebellion; if I swear off bacon and chocolate, I'll last about 12 hours before I start to get the shakes from withdrawal. I've learned by trial and error that there's room for all those necessary evils in anyone's diet; in fact, I encourage that everyone make room for their edible kryptonites, because doing so makes us all a lot happier at the end of the day. Imagine a society in which everyone ate exactly what they wanted without going overboard... now that would be world peace. Or a world of inner peace, at least.

While world peace through food isn't entirely realistic, there are small strategies for getting closer to that place every day. One of Susan's latest posts at Sticky, Gooey, Creamy, Chewy is a prime example of a strategy: portion control done in a fun way (with muffin cups, not measuring cups). Her meatloaf cupcakes are made irresistable with a topping of mashed potato "frosting" and a brown sugar-chili sauced glaze to boot. Better yet, she encourages readers to experiment with their favorite recipes, which also work in this form. It's worth a read, and even a kitchen experiment.

And we've got 8 favorite variations to experiment with, plus any fabulous concoction that you come up with on your own. Bacon-wrapped meatloaf cupcakes? Now that's portion control that I'm down with.


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