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Cook the Issue 2010

Cook the Issue 2010: Sweet Ruby

By liamsaunt, member

January 31st, 2011

Last photo for the Cook the Issue challenge, a goodnight drink from the Holidays ipad app.  Here you see my battered Fine Cooking magazines that I have used to cook along with this challenge.  They are well worn! 

I started keeping a log at some point of available recipes, and tracking what I cooked.  Including all of the "What We're Cooking Now" and "Ingredient" articles, I cooked 288 different recipes since I joined this challenge in June (this does not include any times I posted whatever I did with leftovers, which was only a couple of times anyway).  I left 105 recipes uncooked.

It was a lot of fun to cook along!  My husband is glad it is over though, and has planned out our dinners based on his long lost favorites for the next few weeks.  ;-)

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user-4713770 writes: KCG,You know her to be "kitchengoddess"

LOL keep your good looking mags to yourself, girl, I have tons and many uglies This was all in fun, no one is counting! Maybe we should cook from all of the issues!

Challenge be done, but KCG, it has been a pleasure.

Posted: 10:19 pm on February 1st

kitchengoddess writes: ICD I would not want to put up a photo of my magazines **insert blushing face** I am so anal that mine look pretty good. What I usually do is set up a little table just outside of the range of the splashes etc but within visual range and cook from there...yes I know, I know, but what can I do I'm just like that.

I have one more post for tonight and then I'll be at 45 (YAY!) Posted: 12:28 pm on February 1st

user-4713770 writes: I should post my "ugly" issues picture as should the other gals. I really cooked only what I knew we would eat, few disappointments.

My husband is glad to see the meatloaf recipes and doesn't care what I cook as long as he isn't forced to eat what he can't stand and there were always favorites scattered in with some challenge recipes.

Loved some of the new vegetable recipes and now seek out the seasonal ones that are available here. I think that I will be going back to some of the special issues for recipes that I like, chicken pot pie comes to mind from the 101 Delicious Chicken Recipes and of course this weekend, I am checking out Tailgating and Party Food Issues.

Looking forward to more fun, maybe not so intense, from FC, but in the mean time happy cooking.
Posted: 8:01 am on February 1st

Pielove writes: Congratulations liamsaunt-- it was great cooking with you, ICD, and kitchengoddess. My final tally ended up being 256-- we pooped out shortly after hitting 250. Great photo and best wishes for much happy cooking! Posted: 6:16 am on February 1st

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