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Caprese Daydreams

By evan barbour, editorial assistant

February 7th, 2011

It's February. There's a laquer-like coat of ice over everything outside. I live in my puffy jacket. It's been so wet and slushy out that my suede shoes haven't seen the light of day since before Christmas. You'd think that I'd want to eat nothing but one-pot stews, chili, and grilled cheese. But you're wrong; I'm so, so over winter.

In fact, all I want to eat is a tomato, mozzarella, and basil sandwich on a crusty baguette, with a drizzle of grassy olive oil, a few drips of sweet balsamic vinegar, and some grainy sea salt to gild the lily. Preferably while barefoot on a picnic blanket, surrounded by the breezy, balmy air and season-ripened sunshine of late August.

Unfortunately, that moment in time lies 6 months into the future, so I'm going to have to retreat into beautiful blogs from the Southern Hemisphere, like Sydney-based Souvlaki for the Soul, to get a fix for my craving. Peter, the author and photographer, just posted an entry that features mouth-watering Caprese Salad Bruschette, which I'll be happy to consume in the only enjoyable way for this time of year: vicariously visual.  

If you're with me on the cold weather fatigue front, check out the post and daydream with me. Maybe our combined efforts will light a fire under the relentless winter we've been having and help it to skidaddle.

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