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Albondigas soup

Albondigas soup

  • Albondigas soup
  • Creamy carrot jalapeno soup

By Melissa Denchak, associate editor

March 1st, 2011

When it comes to soup and texture, I’m unwavering: It needs to be either velvety smooth and creamy or full of big, fat chunks. A brothy soup that resembles a half-empty swimming pool, with nothing but a few noodles and the lone piece of chicken or two bobbing about, just doesn't do it for me. These two soups, on the other hand, would.
The first, from the Muy Bueno Cookbook, is a hearty-looking albondigas (meatball) soup--a dish popular in Spain and Mexico. It looks deserving of the biggest soup spoon you’ve got. Roasted tomatoes serve as the base for peppery meatballs, rice, potatoes, and fragrant add-ins like fresh cilantro and crushed coriander. Served with some corn tortillas, you’d have yourself a serious cold-weather meal.

At the other end of the texture spectrum is the creamy carrot jalapeno soup from The Fromagette. It looks more refined than the meatball soup but sounds just as flavorful. Carrots are paired with fresh jalapenos and pureed (along with rice, for added texture), then finished with a splash of heavy cream and a generous topping of sharp cheddar cheese. I bet it's rich and complex. 

Which soup would you prefer? The super chunky or the smooth and creamy? (Or, like me, both--but nothing in between?)       

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Comments (3)

MelissaDenchak writes: Absolutely--I can't wait to try it! Meatball soup...yum... : ) Posted: 10:23 am on March 2nd

MuyBueno writes: Thanks for sharing our recipe -- Quite the honor!!! Can we submit it to the soup week challenge? Posted: 11:19 pm on March 1st

ebarbour writes: I'm all about the chunks...preferably of the meaty nature. But I'll settle for starchy, perfectly sweet-savory hunks of kabocha squash, too. mmmm, soup chunks. Posted: 10:35 am on March 1st

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