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How to Prep Lamb Shanks

By Jennifer Armentrout, editor

March 1st, 2011

If you’re making the Lamb Shanks en Papillotes from Fine Cooking #110, here’s how contributor Molly Stevens recommends preparing them for cooking:

preparing lamb shanks
Step 1: Trim away any silverskin or thick deposits of fat.

preparing lamb shanks
Step 2: Insert a paring knife along the bone near the top of the narrow end of the shank; slide the knife upwards to sever the tendon attached to this portion of the bone. Repeat as you work your way entirely around the bone. Cutting the tendons like this allows the meat to shrink away from this part of the shank, making for a neater, more attractive presentation.

Photos: Scott Phillips

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Comments (4)

mrstrat2 writes: OK, this is no fun french butchering the Lamb, but worth all the pain and time to have the most incredible braised Lamb. I even show my daughter and her husband how to French Butcher the shanks! Thanks so much for posting this technique! Posted: 6:23 pm on April 23rd

Lambassasor writes: Was good I guess,helped me out. Could of been alot more detailed. ie: how many tendons do u need to cut, or make a video. Cheers Posted: 1:17 am on May 25th

Schroomer writes: Well here's our first attempt with lamb shanks thanks to this superbly done article. From the writing and food styling to the terrific photos, it got us to make a trip to Pike Place Market in Seattle where the butcher had some beautiful lamb shanks. This little tutorial did a great job as I prepared these for slow roasting. I'll let you know how it tastes. Posted: 6:56 pm on March 20th

Schroomer writes: Posted: 6:52 pm on March 20th

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