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Salsa Lizano

Salsa Lizano
what is it?

Found in nearly every Costa Rican home, restaurant, and roadside food stand, Salsa Lizano is a smooth, light brown vegetable-based sauce with a touch of sweetness and a hearty punch of spice, including cumin, mustard, and turmeric. It’s most commonly served as a condiment with rice and beans and tamales, but it’s also used as a marinade for beef, pork, and chicken. Salsa Lizano can also add a savory edge to vegetarian dishes.

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Cinnebar writes: Love Lizano too! I brought back several bottles last year and am searching for it locally now. I think one of the Latin groceries must carry it. if not, I'll order from Amigo.

Dennis, it's nothing like salsa. Smooth, sweet and sour and distinctive. Posted: 12:51 pm on April 8th

latinfoodlady writes: I fell in love with salsa lizano when i went to costa rica a few years ago. I have been buying it online ever since I came home at Posted: 5:40 pm on January 26th

fairwinds11 writes: We've been buying Salsa Lizano regularly since our first trip to Costa Rica. It is on every restaurant table along with other bottles of hot sauce etc. If we have friends going to Costa Rica we have them bring some back with them for us. You can also Google it and find several ways to order it online--it's worth the effort. It's great over hamburger patties, steaks, in rice for flavoring, etc. If there's a recipe out there I'd like to have it too, but the original is probably still the best! Posted: 2:14 pm on April 2nd

greatvictuals writes: Is there a recipe for Salsa Lizano? I never heard of this salsa before unless it is standard salsa with a different name.

Can you provide a recipe?

Thank you.

Dennis M. Bortko

Chef De Marko

South Padre Island, TX.
Posted: 8:36 am on April 2nd

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