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what is it?

Part of the onion family, ramps taste like a cross between spring onions and scallions, with a pungent earthy-garlicky undertone. They're delicious in everything from scrambled eggs to stir-fries. Both the scallion-like bulbs and the broad leaves are good to eat; try baking fish on a bed of ramp leaves, and saute the bulbs and stems to pile on top.

how to choose:

Ramps are available in gourmet and well-stocked grocery stores only during their limited spring season (roughly late March to late April/early May), so snatch them up when you see them! Look for leaves that seem fresh, rather than wilted.

You can also mail-order fresh ramps during their season from Earthy Delights.

how to prep:

To clean ramps, rinse, remove the roots, and peel off the paper-thin skin covering the bulb. Once you've done this, the entire ramp is edible.

how to store:

Store freshly picked, uncleaned ramps at room temperature with their bulbs submerged in water, like a bouquet. Use them before the leaves start to wilt, in about 3 days.

To store cleaned ramps, wrap them loosely in moist paper towels, seal in a zip-top bag, and store in the refrigerator; they'll keep for up to 5 days.

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