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Rice and Beans Get Tarted Up

By evan barbour, editorial assistant

April 4th, 2011

There's no arguing against the comforting nature of rice and beans. Starchy, spicy, and warm, yet somehow never boring (to me, at least), they're a staple in Latin American cuisine. I don't have a drop of Latin American blood in me, but I can definitely appreciate the magic inherent in a simple, iconic dish—that's why I still love pastina with pecorino Romano and black pepper, an Italian equivalent. And on a rainy day in April, classic, unwavering comfort is all one can ask for; along with "May flowers" that are supposedly imminent after a long, cold, and volatile winter.

But how boring is a dish like rice and beans on a blog? It's not exactly newsworthy, to say the least. So today, when I read the newest post on The Food In My Beard, I was impressed at author Dan's ability to turn the classic on its head with a fantastic update (we love our Classic/Classic Updates here at Fine Cooking). He made a rice and beans tart with a romaine salad on the side, resulting in a dish that's part-tradition, part-dinner party glamour, and part-Tex Mex night. Beans refried in chorizo renderings? Yes please. A crispy tart shell of cooked, seasoned rice? Even better. Check it out and prepare to have your mind blown.

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iti_betty writes: Want to print the recipe? Just highlight the recipe, copy and paste into an e-mail body and send it to yourself. Works like a charm. Posted: 10:13 am on April 10th

Dacey writes: there is no way to print off his recipe. would be nice if that was possible
Posted: 11:52 am on April 5th

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