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By Pielove, member

April 6th, 2011

Okay, I thought macarons were supposed to be hard to make-- other discussions I have seen mention the proper ageing of the egg whites, and common failures of macaronage, almost as if some magic were required.  Well, these came out great the first time-- was it my mad baking skillz?  No, I think not-- and you would agree if you saw my Fallen Angel food cake back in the Cook the Issue days.  Maybe this recipe just has the magic!  The magic of precise instructions-- and my daughter and I loved the video too.  Perfect for a first-time macaronista!

In addition to looking good, these are very tasty, with a great crunchy-chewy texture.  I filled some with homemade plum jam, which makes a great tart contrast.  I also filled some with chocolate frosting (butter, chocolate, confectioners sugar).  Yum!

Recipe Used: Almond Macarons

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Pielove writes: Hey peskyone! Great to "see" you again and thanks! I will have to check out Ms. Chang's cookbooks-- I like all her articles in FC. I hope your macarons turn out well too-- what flavor will you be making?

I am still cooking, but not as much as in the Challenge. I am doing a chocolate chip cookie recipe test-- we are discussing it over in the Forums.

How about you?

Jen Posted: 7:49 pm on April 23rd

peskyone writes: Hi Pie,

Those look great, I am going to try them and bring to my friend's house as an Easter treat. I love Joanne Chang, her bakeries are amazing, and her new cookbook is fabulous. I just read in 6 months it went into its third printing. I made her pear crostata and my can't stop thinking about it.

I have enjoyed all your postings during the latest challenge, keep on cooking. SallyG Posted: 2:57 pm on April 12th

elaineg writes: The article about macarons in the magazine is good, but the presentation needs improvement. I know of a woman who makes Parisian macarons in Scottsdale, Arizona and they are just beautiful. The presentation the presentation that was made in the magazine did not look professional at all.
Posted: 4:24 pm on April 9th

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