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Cold Cross Buns

By evan barbour, editorial assistant

April 18th, 2011

You know you're an adult when you start doing your taxes, planning vacation time, and paying for your own health insurance. Another sure sign? You get really excited when hot cross buns appear in the bakery section at the market for two weeks every year. When I was younger, I didn't understand what was so appealing about bread with raisins and two Spartan lines of frosting crossed on top (hello? Doesn't everyone know that frosting is meant to be slathered on, not squiggled ever-so judiciously?). Lately, though, I've found myself longing for them, going to town on the samples laid out at Stew Leonard's, and even buying a box to nosh on mid-afternoon with a cup of coffee. Coffee and hot crossed buns for an afternoon snack? Yup, I'm definitely an adult now.

Thankfully, I discovered Steph's latest post on Raspberri Cupcakes, a Sydney-based, sweets-centered blog, because she gives the hot-crossed buns a makeover, and with it, a youthful glow. She makes bun-flavored, biscuit-like cookies and fills them with spiced ice cream, which makes me OK with the scanty two lines of frosting on top. No matter what your age, this dessert is likely to intrigue the kid in everyone.

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Comments (2)

JulieHenriksen writes: I have never heard of these.. Looks great though! Posted: 2:44 pm on June 2nd

LisaWaddle writes: I totally share your Cross Buns obsession! For me, they really signal spring. They're a lighter version of fruitcake and a love a good balance of spice and dried fruit. Posted: 3:06 pm on April 21st

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