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Easter bread

By historyofgreekfood, member

April 22nd, 2011

Easter preparations begin on Holy Thursday when the traditional eggs are dyed red and  sweet Easter bread may be baked. Lampropsomo (bright bread) or lamprokouloura (bright circular bread) is rich in eggs and butter (foods forbidden during Lent) and it is decorated with spring flowers, leaves, crosses and snakes shaped in dough. A red egg, symbol or rebirth, renewal and blood of Christ is usually -but not always- part of the decoration.[....]

Many food words in modern Greek can be traced to other languages. Turkish is frequently a source because of the 400 years of Ottoman domination.  Thus tsoureki (Turk. çörek), another well known Easter bread, comes by this route. [...]

Recipe Used: My own design - A very easy recipe for tsoureki

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