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Banana Bread Made Even Better

Banana bread becomes moist and rich with the help of coconut oil.

Banana bread becomes moist and rich with the help of coconut oil.

By Denise Mickelsen, senior editor

April 27th, 2011

Lately, I've been looking for a delicious, moist, not-too-bad-for-you banana bread recipe. My son, Sam, goes through a banana a day, but still, there are often a few past-their-prime specimens lying around, and what better use for them than bread, or muffins?  Well, Denise (nice name!) at has come to my rescue, yet again. She recently debuted a super moist banana bread recipe with a special, secret ingredient that she'd read about it in a recent NYTimes article - coconut oil.  I can't wait to try it out, and Sam's pretty excited, too.  I may add a little wheat germ or ground flaxseed to boost the bread's healthy quotient a bit, but this recipe definitely looks like a keeper.

Do you cook or bake with coconut oil? If so, what do you make?

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ChezUs writes: Denise, thanks for the shout-out on our banana bread. I am not just saying this; but, it really was the best recipe I have made so far. We were floored at how moist it came out, and stayed moist for a couple days; that is how long it only lasts in our house.

Evan, I did try saute some pork, as well as sweet potatoes in some coconut oil, for a curry, we made. I loved how light it came out. Not oily, just light, and fully flavored. I have also used it in a buttercream frosting; outstanding!!!

Elizabeth, the recipe can be found on our website, Chez Us. Hope you will try it out.

Have a great weekend. Posted: 4:15 pm on April 29th

elzbthc writes: I am new to this site. Where do I find the recipe for the banana bread? Posted: 7:08 pm on April 28th

DMickelsen writes: Wow, you ARE obsessed! Now I'm even more excited to make the bread. And that kale idea sounds wonderful, too! Posted: 12:38 pm on April 28th

ebarbour writes: Denise! This bread makes me swoon. Coconut oil is my favorite cooking fat; it's fantastic for browning meat in an Asian or Indian-style braise, sauteeing kale or other greens (add a touch of brown sugar, soy sauce, and finish with unsweetened coconut), frying up French toast, or, as this lovely recipe shows, adding to baked goods--especially those that go with subtly coconutty flavors.

It's also Thomas Keller's fat-of-choice in his recipe for chocolate "Magic Shell." ( I'm not obsessed or anything... Posted: 9:10 am on April 28th

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