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Miso Excited for Ice Cream Season

By evan barbour, editorial assistant

May 23rd, 2011

In a perfect world, summertime would be year-round. Every day, I'd drive to work with my Mini Cooper sun roof open, donning sunglasses, with a light breeze in my hair. Sun dresses and espadrilles would be my daily uniform, beaches would never be deserted, and, of course, every day would end with ice cream.

From mid-May through September, my ice cream maker is churning away, and the subsequent population of creamy pints in my freezer is ever-growing. My favorite flavors share a common formula: they're sweet and assertive, with an edge of savory—flavors of which a healthy-sized scoop is deeply satisfying. Whether it's Ba-Da-Bing, a Ferris Acres Creamery original with dark chocolate ice cream, bittersweet chocolate, and bing cherries, Black Sesame, or Salted Caramel, I'm a sucker for scoops that tip toe the tight rope of kid-friendly sweetness and adulthood sophistication in one lip-smacking, taste memory-making flavor.

So, when I saw Tokyo Terrace's recent post about Miso Brown Sugar Ice Cream, I was smitten. Think of this recipe as a variation of Asian Salted Caramel or cookie dough, without the chocolate chips. It's got a sultry, sweet hit from brown sugar, a steady baseline of earthy umami from the miso, and creamy, milky flavor to tie it all together. Immediately, I added the recipe to the top of my ice cream bucket list for summer '11, and I can't wait to try it alongside some cobbler—a sesame peach cobbler, perhaps?

Well, my next dinner party dessert is covered. And I have this post to thank for the inspiration. 

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