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Nibbling on Nostalgia

By Kelsey McQuade, editorial intern

May 23rd, 2011

There are only a few treats from my youth that I can distinictly remember savoring. They were the ones that ended up in lunchboxes, on field trips, or at sleepovers. Whenever my mother returned from the grocery store, my sisters and I had already waited for what seemed like hours at the kitchen table, ready to unpack the bags, to uncover the magic.

Among the most anticipated treats were Swiss rolls, a seriously underrated and delicious chocolate cake cream-filled treat that accompanied me to school nearly every day, at least until the box was found empty.

Stumbling upon the Pandan soufflé Swiss roll with toasted coconut whipped cream made me nostalgic for one of my favorite lunchtime treat, so I decided to explore it further. It's definitely a more grown up version.

Rachel, author of The Pleasure Monger, adds Asian flair to her dessert by adding coconut to the roll and the cream, and pandan juice to the roll. Pandan is a tropical plant with a botanical fragrance that is used to enhance the flavor of food, especially when paired with coconut.

The roll itself includes both corn and white flour, pandan extract, coconut milk, caster sugar, and a green tint, all combining to look and taste like a summer dessert. The filling contains coconut, caster sugar, whipping cream, and unsalted butter.

Although the treat is different in nearly every way than the one I fondly remember, I still wouldn't mind if it somehow turned up in my lunchbox.

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