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Make Dad a Better Griller This Father's Day

Download a free excerpt of Fred Thompsons Grillin with Gas and post a comment for your chance to win a copy of the book in time for Fathers Day.

Download a free excerpt of Fred Thompson's Grillin' with Gas and post a comment for your chance to win a copy of the book in time for Father's Day.

By Robyn Doyon-Aitken, Web producer

June 7th, 2011

Dad doesn’t want a tie for Father’s Day this year, trust me. He really wants a one of those luxury 54-inch stainless-steel grills with a smoker, 50,000 BTU burners, and a built-in fan that cools him off while he’s turning the meat. Not in the cards? That’s okay. We’ve got something that’ll help him with the grill he’s already got. Grill Master Fred Thompson wrote the book on gas grilling, literally. Grillin’ with Gas is THE gas-grilling authority and includes tips and proven techniques for grilling success (all of Fred’s 150 recipes were developed for and tested on gas grills, so they’ll be no surprises at the next cookout).

As a token of our appreciation for all the dads out there, we’re offering up a free excerpt from Grillin’ with Gas to everyone, and we’ll give away one copy of the book to a lucky reader who posts a comment below.

The excerpt includes Fred’s Top 10 Keys to Successful Grilling, three must-try recipes: The Simplest & Best-Tasting London Broil in the World, Hickory-Smoked Bourbon Turkey, and Grilled Bread and Tomato Salad, as well as how-to info and advice on:

  • Buying a gas grill
  • Essential grilling tools
  • Using indirect vs. direct heat
  • How to get steakhouse results at home
  • Simple doneness indicators so you never end up with a steak that’s over or undercooked
  • How to add flavor by smoking meat with hickory, mesquite, oak, apple, cherry, alder, pecan, and other woods
More recipes from Grillin' with Gas
Fred’s Ultimate Smoked Pork Shoulder recipe Grilled Sliders recipe Fred’s Finest Baby Back Ribs recipe
Fred’s Ultimate Smoked Pork Shoulder   Grilled Sliders   Fred’s Finest Baby Back Ribs

I'll pick a random comment on Thursday, June 16th and put Fred's book in the mail that afternoon. Good luck!

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Comments (26)

Lynn_C writes: Grilling is such an art. Basic skills can cook meat but to make some something special you need something like "Grillin' with Gas". Thanks for the excert. Here's hoping I win the book. Posted: 10:32 am on June 16th

immortalbeloved writes: We'd love this. More excuses to grill! :) Posted: 10:36 pm on June 14th

lori53 writes: Our gas grill has been snake-bit. My husband bought it and assembled it for me for my birthday last summer; it was stolen the night before Labor Day. He bought an identical replacement, assembled it and soon put it away for the winter.

This spring we got it out for Memorial Day (chained to the garage wall) and as I was grilling some ribeyes, the bottom hinge holding the lid on failed. My husband had to stand there, holding it on for ten minutes while I finished the steaks for our guests. It was a hot day, too.

Happily, the company replaced the body free and we're ready to rock and roll again. We'd love to try out this cookbook. Posted: 10:18 pm on June 14th

chefcheryl writes: My father was a master griller. In our back yard, in Brooklyn, he did all the outdoor cooking. Steaks, burgers, corn, hot dogs and all the fixings were happily consumed by family and friends. He started out on a charcoal kettle grill, but as time went by and technology changed, he purchased a gas grill. It had all the bells and whistles- 5 burners, a rotisserie with baskets skewers and the outdorr cooking stepped up a notch. He started to grill whole fish in the basket, and whole chickens on the spit, and roasts and lots of vegetables too. We experimented together with smoking and slow cooking. The food was great, and the time spent with my father was priceless. I think his love of food and cooking influenced my decision to change career and become a chef. This book would be a great addition to my kitchen, in memory of my dad. Posted: 12:30 pm on June 14th

Suzers45 writes: I'm trying to learn to be a better griller. My dad is "too old" to BBQ anymore so it's fallen to me. I think this book will help. Posted: 12:18 pm on June 14th

Dolceamara writes: I had my hands on this cookbook not more than three days ago. Maybe this contest is the reason I didn't buy it? Would love to turn my husband onto grilling and think this book could do the trick! Posted: 11:51 am on June 14th

savannagal writes: I really enjoy Fine Cooking magazine and the website. Thanks for the opportunity to win the book. Posted: 10:06 am on June 14th

AnneliseK writes: I know the purists love real charcoal, but I'm seduced by the simplicity of my propane grill. Just turn it on, warm it up and grill! Love to have a book to make me a better griller.... Posted: 9:23 am on June 14th

annzett writes: I have been looking for a book on gas grilling. This book has everything I have been looking for! Posted: 3:40 am on June 14th

HungryHarps writes: This book looks great, thank you for the excerpt! Grilling has been my favorite method of cooking meat for as long as I can remember. :) Posted: 11:06 pm on June 12th

Pamelaric writes: I just bought my first grill and this book would be terrific. I've used my grill twice and seem to do a very good job of over cooking things. lol I guess I will learn. Soon, I hope.
Posted: 12:02 am on June 10th

lemoncello writes: I love grilling, so I always look at how other people work the grill, and what they make. The excerpt is a good introduction to grilling with gas.Thanks... Posted: 3:45 pm on June 9th

Lariah writes: We love our Weber Genesis grill- use it almost daily in the summer and even use it in the winter! Posted: 10:08 am on June 9th

2newfies writes: we grill every night with hardwood charcoal - because we have had bad stuff from gas grills (and we're cheap!) But I like the control of gas - and Fred's recipes! Posted: 7:18 am on June 9th

BawstinRottie writes: Love grilling. Always looking for great recipes and ideas. Happy to see someone address gas grills specifically. They are convenient but can be challenging sometimes.

Posted: 5:16 am on June 9th

poetinthepantry writes: Goodness, we could use all the help we can get! The grill is still troublesome for us. Thanks for the excerpt! Posted: 12:31 am on June 9th

lslad writes: Great learning to grill tips in this cookbook. I revise my previous post, this book would be great for me! But then I may learn to grill better than my husband and I may never get him to cook at home again. That's okay, he works hard and deserves to be cooked for! Posted: 8:20 am on June 8th

lslad writes: My husband is a Chef. The only time that I can get him to cook at home is to BBQ. He is always reading cook books and magazines to stay current on food trends. I LOVE when he cooks and wish he would more often. This would be a perfect gift for him (and me) Posted: 8:15 am on June 8th

garchompson writes: we love bbq ribs... Posted: 9:37 pm on June 7th

sexychef63 writes: Would be great for an amazing father to his kids and mine !! He loves to barbecue and is always so proud to cook for everyone !!! Posted: 8:59 pm on June 7th

Lisahastwo writes: I am the bbq'er in my house. i love it and i would love to have this cookbook!! Posted: 8:20 pm on June 7th

shanleyM writes: what we need for a perfect summer is MORE BBQ! Posted: 7:20 pm on June 7th

sugarshock writes: We lived without a bbq for 2 years......I can't tell you how thrilled I was when my husband went out and bought one last month. We're in a grilling mood and would love to have Fred's compendium of mouth watering recipes and helpful hints. Thanks for the contest. That would be a super treat for Father's Day! Posted: 5:14 pm on June 7th

AlanBabbitt writes: Looks like a very nice addition to the kitchen library! Unlike the previous poster, I will not be grilling any of Fred's body parts ;-), but I'm pretty sure I'll try that Bourbon Turkey recipe! Posted: 5:04 pm on June 7th

scootpdx writes: Thanks for the excerpt and the contest! Posted: 4:53 pm on June 7th

krogers1956 writes: Thanks for the excerpt! We love Fine Cooking, and Fred's recipes. Made his ribs last weekend! Posted: 4:48 pm on June 7th

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