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Chicken Salad Overdrive

By Megan Spicer, editorial intern

July 22nd, 2011

There are few things better for lunch on a summer day than a big heaping portion of chicken salad on perfectly toasted bread. Chunks of chicken riddled with light mayonnaise, grapes, pieces of apple and chopped walnuts could suffice as my lunch every day, given the choice. So when I saw that Pam over at For the Love of Cooking posted a recipe for Pistachio Chicken Salad, my stomach did back flips and cartwheels in excitement.

Chicken salad is wonderful for experimentation and adding different ingredients to fit any mood on any day of the week but I had never thought to replace my standard walnuts for pistachios and to add roasted bell peppers into the mix for a kick of extra flavor. Pam suggests serving this chicken salad open-faced but I prefer to eat my chicken salad between two pieces of bread. It’s up to you, really. That’s the beauty of most sandwiches: it’s all up to you.

This recipe is relatively easy which is always a plus especially for a college student--or anyone for that matter--who has more on their plate than they know what to do with. 

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