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I'm Just Mad About Saffron

By evan barbour, editorial assistant

June 13th, 2011

I have another confession for you: I used to hate saffron. Its distinctive, inimitable flavor tasted old and musty to me. Recently, though, I've had a change of heart. Perhaps I've come of age to appreciate all things old and musty, but I doubt that's the case; I think I've just come to my senses. And just in time, too, since it seems like saffron is everywhere right now - especially in desserts. Here are a few bloggers who are feeding my newfound appreciation and intrigue for it:

Lemons and Lavender. How about some chocolate-kumquat-saffron gelato? I'm on board.

Kathy Chan at Serious Eats reports on Saffron Swizzle Sticks from Tay Tea. Next time I'm in New York, these are on my to-try list.

A Pinch of Love makes Layered Mango Mousse with Saffron and Cardamom. Did I mention I don't like cardamom? In this preparation, though, I'd never turn my nose up.

Journey Kitchen and ECurry collaborate to make Mango Pancakes with Saffron Cardamom Cream; another cardamom creation I think I'd love, thanks to saffron.

From Frolicking in Life's Garden, we have pumpkin-saffron macarons. What an ingenious, mellow-yellow creation.

Rose Clementine makes an insanely rich-looking chocolate-saffron cake.

In a similar pairing, Vegan Passion posts about saffron-filled chocolates.

And finally, from K.O Rasoi, we have Eggless Saffron-Lemon Shrikhand Donuts, based on the classic Indian dish.

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