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what is it?

Burrata (boor-rah-tah), a fresh mozzarella-like cheese from the Italian region of Puglia, is prized for its rich milky flavor and its two textures: a soft, elastic, spongy outer layer wrapped around a creamy, oozy interior. Burrata is delicious paired with crusty bread and flavorful ingredients like prosciutto, tomatoes, olives, nuts, and herbs.

Some say burrata (the name derives from burro, butter in Italian) was first created as a means to use up leftover scraps of mozzarella cheese. The cheese makers would add cream to the scraps and wrap them in a pouch made from a larger piece of mozzarella. As with regular mozzarella, burrata was originally made with water buffalo milk but is now more typically made with cow’s milk.

don't have it?

You can usually substitute fresh mozzarella, though it won't have quite the same lush, creamy texture as burrata.

how to choose:

Look for burrata in well-stocked groceries, gourmet markets, and cheese shops.

how to prep:

Burrata's soft, almost liquid interior can make it a challenge to slice; use a serrated knife for the best results.

how to store:

Highly perishable, burrata should be eaten within 24 hours of purchase and is considered past its prime after about 48 hours.

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