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Big Buy: Limes

from Fine Cooking #112, pp. 18-19

Limes may be a fixture in produce aisles everywhere, but that’s no reason to overlook those five-pound bags at the warehouse store. At around $6 each, they’re a good bargain, especially in summer, when few things taste better than zesty guacamole, ice-cold mojitos, and a squeeze of lime juice over a bowl of fresh berries. Persian limes (the large green variety that’s usually sold) last for a couple of weeks, too, which gives you plenty of time to play with their bright, tart flavor. Need inspiration? Try the sweet, satiny lime curd, citrus-marinated steak, and Vietnamese-inspired noodle salad featured here. Each puts lime’s citrusy flavor at center stage, with delicious results.

Lime Curd Vietnamese-Style Rice Noodle SalaD
Lime Curd

Vietnamese-Style Rice Noodle Salad

Cube Steak with Lime Mojo The big buy:


How Much: 5-lb. bag.

How to Store: Refrigerate whole limes in a plastic bag for up to two weeks; wrap cut limes in plastic and refrigerate for up to five days.
Cube Steak with Lime Mojo

Photos: Scott Phillips

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Sarafina1977 writes: Never knew if it was a good idea to buy the bags of limes are not! Thanks for sharing! Posted: 11:02 am on August 17th

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