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Summer Heat Calls for Sweet Treats

By Kelsey McQuade, editorial intern

July 5th, 2011

Thanks to the recent heat wave, I've developed a craving for all things cold. Iced coffee, ice cream, frozen yogurt, you name it. Lately, and quite unusually, I've found myself craving something cold, sweet, and not completely detrimental to my diet: fruit. Yet I'm still drawn to the creamy, cool texture found in all of those delectable treats. That's when I turn to smoothies.

I love the variety and combinations that accompany smoothies, so I've added many to my summer make list. When I stumbled upon the Green Tea Smoothie from Eat, Live, Run, I knew I had to see what it was made of. Green tea has a way of making me feel full and healthy, so this has definitely climbed to the top of my list of smoothies to try this summer.

The combination of green tea, a frozen banana, and honeydew is a refreshing yet not overindulgent combination of ingredients. It seems as if it would be perfect as a side with my two-waffle breakfast, or even a mid afternoon snack.

So this summer instead of opening the freezer hoping to find a guilt inducing sweet treat, I'll look with a new perspective, at frozen and fresh foods, from the fridge to the fruit bowl, searching for a combination that could become my new favorite smoothie.


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