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Gourmet Grilling: Chanterelle Mushroom Burgers

Photo courtesy of: Epicurean Mom

Photo courtesy of: Epicurean Mom

By Alyssa Krueger, web intern

July 20th, 2011

Okay, I have to admit that the first thing that caught my eye about Epicurean Mom's Chanterelle Mushroom Burgers is how she got her hands on those chanterelles. Turns out, EM’s husband is a mushroom forager. I know! Who isn’t jealous?

After the initial draw-in to this recipe, it was the idea of a more elegant, gourmet burger that kept my attention. Why limit those gorgeous mushrooms to fancier fare like filet mignon? I want to add some style and class to my burger.

Since chanterelles are out of season now, you'll unfortunately have to wait a little while to make these burgers (if you don't have a forager in the house, you may have to save up, anyway!). In the meantime, use EM's burgers as inspiration to add some style to your own burgers and share them with us by entering the Grill-lympics. This week's theme is burgers and hot dogs; post yours--the classier the better--for a chance to win a Looftlighter plug-in fire starter by Good luck!

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