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Frozen Lemon Mousse

By DessertForTwo, member

Posted: July 25th, 2011

Two ramekins of tart lemon mousse, topped with a warm white chocolate sauce.

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For the mousse:
2 tablespoons unsalted butter, at room temp
1/4 cup + 3 tablespoons sugar, divided use
1 whole large egg + 1 large egg yolk
1/8 teaspoon fresh lemon zest
1/3 cup freshly squeezed lemon juice
1/3 cup heavy whipping cream

For the white chocolate sauce:
2 ounces real white chocolate
1 tablespoon of heavy cream

Begin by making your lemon curd: In a small bowl, beat together with an electric mixer the butter and 1/4 cup of sugar. Beat this mixture very well, until it is light and fluffy, about 2 minutes.

Add the whole egg, beat until combined, then add the remaining egg yolk and lemon zest and beat well. Next, slowly stream in the lemon juice while beating. The mixture may look curdled, but do not worry.

Pour the mixture into a heavy-bottomed sauce pan and cook over low heat while stirring continuously and scrapping the sides of the pan. When the mixture thickens and coats the back of a spoon, in about 5-7 minutes, it is done. Remove from the heat, pour into a small bowl and press plastic wrap directly on the surface before placing it in the fridge to chill. (Can be made 1-2 days in advance).

Once the lemon curd is fully chilled, oil 2 small 6-ounce ramekins, and then line them with several layers of plastic wrap—leave plenty of overhang for lifting the mousse out later.

Next, beat the heavy cream and remaining 2 or 3 tablespoons of sugar (use your taste buds to guide you) until soft peaks form. Fold in the lemon curd gently, taking care not to stir all the air out of the whipped cream. Streaks are OK.

Divide the mixture between the two ramekins, cover with the overhanging plastic wrap and freeze overnight.

When ready to serve, melt together the white chocolate and heavy cream til the sauce is pourable over a double boiler or in the microwave in short bursts. Lift the mousse cups out of the ramekins using the plastic wrap handles, then tip them onto a plate with a drizzle of white chocolate sauce and serve.

*Notes If the mousse cups don’t want to come out of their ramekins, let them rest on the counter at room temperature for a few minutes before trying again.


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