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Insalata di Riso - Italian Rice Salad (Pressure Cooker)

By pazzaglia, member

July 11th, 2012

Simple, refreshing and wholly Italian, salad should be an addition to summer repertoire.  It is called a salad, but it is often served as a meal in a plate - with nothing other than some chilled fruit for dessert.

Particulars of Italian Rice

When Italians are not making Risotto, they treat their rice like pasta.  They immerse it in tons of water with salt, boil it and strain it. Unlike many Asian and Indian rice varieties, Italian rice is never rinsed or soaked before use. The rice is sold in vacuum-packed bricks which stops the grains from rubbing against each other during transport (breaking and scraping the kernels).  This unique packaging also keeps the grains "fresh" and ensure no debris or insect enter the bag after the rice has been cleaned, aged and dried under the most controlled and hygienic conditions.


Substitutions or Left-overs

Like many Italian dishes, this salad is incredibly flexible. You can substitute the Ham with sliced Wurstel (Hot Dog), Tuna Fish or Salami.  The Capers can be substituted with pickles or jarred artichokes (to keep the vinegary note). Feel free to add peas, celery, cucumbers... the variety is endless and is only limited by what you have growing in your garden, or hiding in your fridge. Or ca be incredibly simple, with just the addition of tomatoes, mozzarella cheese and basil.



Recipe Used: My own design - Italian Rice Salad

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JENNIEPIG writes: Thank you for explaning what the difference is in Italian rice. I've always wondered this recipe is going to be a favorite. Posted: 2:35 pm on September 19th

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