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Pecan Pie with a Twist

For pastry chef and Louisiana native David Guas, nothing says Home like a slice of Classic Pecan Pie. But occasionally, David puts a spin on the classic by flavoring the rich pecan filling with a few specialty ingredients that are close to his southern heart. Here's a peek at David's shopping list:

Pure Cane Syrup and Bacon

Cane syrup is Louisiana’s version of maple syrup, and its sweet, rich flavor goes well with smoky bacon. David uses Steen’s 100% Pure Cane Syrup ($19.25 for four 12-oz. cans) and bacon from Benton’s Smoky Mountain Country Hams ($6.00 per lb.).

Bacon and Cane Syrup Pecan Pie   Steen’s 100% Pure Cane Syrup and Benton's bacon
Chicory and Coffee

It’s a beloved New Orleans tradition to add roasted, ground chicory root to coffee. The resulting chicory coffee, which you can buy at well-stocked grocery stores or oline at ($5.45 for a 15-oz. can) or ($6.49 for a 12-oz. package), adds a delicious bitter undertone to the pie.

Chicory Coffee Pecan Pie   Cafe Du Monde Coffee and Chicory
Bourbon and Chocolate

Bourbon’s sweet, toasty flavor is the perfect partner for the dark chocolate in this rich pie filling. Maker’s Mark ($11.99 for 375 ml) and Knob Creek ($19.94 for 375 ml) are two of David’s favorites—and not just for pie. You can find both at For the dark chocolate, David prefers Ghirardelli ($3.50 per bar), which is available everywhere.

Bourbon-Chocolate Pecan Pie   Maker's Mark Bourbon and dark chocolate by Ghirardelli

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