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Chipotle Bacon Bombs on a Stick

By KenFisher921, member

Posted: October 12th, 2011

Patti and I are still working on a few treats to serve “Off the Grill”. We will be at the Weekly Tasting Event at Craft Brewing Company in Lake Elsinore, Ca. Can’t wait, it sounds like fun with plenty of good beer involved so we are right on it.

With us, it has to be something smoked off the grill. A great start for anything we come up with. How about Chipotle Bacon Bombs on a Stick? We let our “Crash Test Dummies” try these out and they were a huge hit. There were no survivors…and no need for the main course. We all could have just eaten these for hours.

Patti got me a 10 pound bag of the best frozen meatballs she could find. She wrapped them with a strip of bacon and put them on skewers. Liking things with a little ZING I gave them a good sprinkling of Jac’s Tailgaters Smokin’ Dust Chipotle Seasoning and used Grandville’s Cajun BBQ Jam. Grandville’s Cajun is about a 6 or 7 in ZING for most folks.


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Ingredients: Chipotle Bacon Bombs
24 frozen pre-cooked beef (or turkey) meatballs, thawed (you can do more or less)
1 lb. bacon, sliced in half (for a little added spice use peppered bacon)
Bamboo skewers, soaked in water
Smokin’ Dust Chipotle Seasoning by Jac’s Tailgaters
Grandville’s Cajun BBQ Jam

Cut bacon in half, I find that kitchen shears are the easiest for cutting bacon. Then, take a piece of bacon and wrap it around the meatball and slide it on to a bamboo skewer to hold it in place.
Then, season to taste. You can use whatever you like and as much. I like Jac’s Tailgaters Smokin’ Dust Chipotle Seasoning. Put them on a platter and head for the grill. I let them “Smoke” for 30 minutes before turning the heat up to 350 for about 15 minutes or so. This is when you crisp them up and add the Grandville’s Cajun BBQ Jam. This gave Ken & Robert time for a few beers.
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