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Potage di Marroni - Pressure Cooked Chestnut Potage

By pazzaglia, member

October 26th, 2011

The fruits of autumn are a bright spot of what would ordinarily be a dull, gray season. Chestnuts, in particular, are so versatile. They can be served both in savory and sweet dishes, they can be ground into flour or... well everyone knows they are pretty delicious on their own roasted on an open fire.

I present a soup that is embarrassingly simple to make and, thanks to your pressure cooker, it's fast.. too!

Not everyone can get their hands on fresh, beautiful chestnuts. And if they can, not everyone is that excited to peel them. I have included instructions for using fresh, dried and canned chestnuts.

This is a very rich soup in both flavor and content, so a little goes a long way if you're planning to use this as an opener to an elaborate dinner.

Recipe Used: My own design - Potage di Marroni - Pressure Cooked Chestnut Potage

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