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Chrystanthemum Cocktail

Chrystanthemum Cocktail

  • Chrystanthemum Cocktail

Chrystanthemum Cocktail

By Camper English, contributor

October 28th, 2011


I’m a big fan of low-alcohol cocktails, vermouth-driven cocktails, the liqueur Benedictine, and absinthe, so not surprisingly the Chrysanthemum is one of my all-time favorite classic cocktails. It has largely gone unappreciated – you rarely find it on drink menus- but perhaps together we can change that by making the drink more popular. 

The drink tastes of the honey and spices from the Benedictine while the vermouth (remember to use a recently-opened bottle and store it in the refrigerator after opening) takes a background role. The absinthe is quite noticeable and it plays surprisingly well with the other ingredients. Don’t dismiss the garnish on this drink- it needs that orange peel to brighten up the drink.  

I like this drink served very cold. To get it that way, I keep the cocktail glass in the freezer or add ice to chill it before using. The vermouth is kept refrigerated (as should be yours), and I give it a long stir with the ice. 



2 fl. oz. Dry Vermouth
1 fl. oz. Benedictine
1 tsp. Absinthe
Orange Peel for Garnish

Stir all ingredients with ice and strain into a cocktail glass. Zest and orange peel over the drink and drop in the peel. 


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