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Julia Child's French Onion Soup, Pressure Cookerized! How to convert recipes to the pressure cooker

By pazzaglia, member

November 2nd, 2011

Pressure cookbooks, websites and even manuals say that you only need to cut down the cooking time to convert a recipe to the pressure cooker – but there is so much more to consider!

In Julia Child’s memory and spirit, I take her soup - a classic in many American households – to teach you two of the many things to watch out for when converting a recipe to the pressure cooker.

The whole idea came together while watching Julia Child’s “The French Chef" cooking show , I spotted a pressure cooker in the program. She did not specifically mention it other than saying the meat stock in it was simmered for 5 to 6 hours (uh..huh! ; )



It was during the Soupe a L'Oignon (Onion Soup) episode that  I realized that there are couple of things that could go wrong if one tried to make this recipe, as demonstrated and written, in the pressure cooker by only reducing the cooking time.

Julia's recipe is the perfect instrument to illustrate two, of many, things to keep in mind when converting a traditional recipe to your pressure cooker...

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Recipe Used: My own design - Julia Child’s French Onion Soup – Pressure Cookerized
Converting a Traditional Recipe to the Pressure Cooker

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