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Pressure Cooker Tomato, Tomato, Tomato Soup!

By pazzaglia, member

November 10th, 2011

Although tomato soup is American, I made a version that exemplifies Italian cookery:  Exalting one ingredient and making it sing.  To this end, this soup includes three tomato products for a complex, yet direct, flavor.

I used water, not Chicken broth, to keep the taste-buds focused on the star ingredient.

Herbs are not invited to this party, either. They are a delicious and tricky thing to use.  When herbs are paired with tomatoes the risk is very high that the soup might end up tasting like a pasta sauce.  Use herbs only as garnish with restraint.

Milk products and tomatoes make magic when used together. I highly recommend starting this soup with butter, and then using your favorite cheese or cream to garnish.

In the Fall, Winter, and Spring Italians reach into their pantry, not garden,  for tomatoes. Be sure to use the highest quality canned tomatoes available for the best flavor.



Recipe Used: My own design - Pressure Cooked Tomato, Tomato, Tomato Soup

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