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By Alex Tillotson, contributor

November 23rd, 2011

Thanksgiving is TOMORROW! Let me rejoice, sing with the pilgrims and dream of sailing on the Mayflower on the eve of this most glorious holiday!

...Can you tell I'm excited? 

Instead of giving you turkey tips tonight, I decided I'd take this opportunity to give thanks to the many bloggers out there who have made the wheels of "Best of the Blogs" turn. Without all of your amazing recipes, techniques, tips and photos this blog would not be possible. It has been such an amazing opportunity to scour the web in search of some of the best food bloggers out there and then write about them. In the process I have been able to communicate with you, share stories and most importantly, talk about the thing that keeps us all intertwined; food. 

While many old-fashioned folk may turn up their noses at bloggers and the concept of blogging entirely, the reality is that in today's publishing world, more and more writers are finding their voices on the web. You don't need to be a journalist or a published writer to make your name known anymore. Many of you who started off with just a few recipes, a computer and an idea are now going on to publish cookbooks, star in podcasts, shoot cooking shows and more. And even though food and cooking have always been the two main focuses, it is the stories told and the memories linked to the things you write about that your readers can relate to. This is what keeps them coming back.

This Thanksgiving I will be thinking of my family, friends and all of you who have continued to put together wonderful stories of life, food and the journeys that have led you through both. Thank you for giving me something to write about two times a week and for making this one of the most enjoyable projects I've worked on throughout my career. 

I look forward to "meeting" more of you and I hope that your Thanksgiving is as warm and delicious as the blogs you're all known for.

Happy Thanksgiving.


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