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Need expert advice on how to tell if your turkey is done? Tweet us!

Need expert advice on how to tell if your turkey is done? Tweet us!

By Robyn Doyon-Aitken, Web producer

November 17th, 2011

We’re here to answer your cooking questions all year long, and Thanksgiving Day is no exception. Rest assured, @finecooking will be at your service on Twitter, solving your turkey, sides and pie problems from 7am – 4pm EST on Thanksgiving Day. There’ll be no culinary crises on our watch, FC fans! No question is too small or silly, and we’re really good at typing with our mouths full, so Tweet us if you need us, or just stop by to say hello.

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

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joanne_smart writes: If you are looking for a gravy recipe that needs just a little bit of pan drippings try this one; you likely have all that it needs on hand:

Happy Thanksgiving Posted: 1:03 pm on November 24th

cwayne writes: I have a turkey breast, bone in, don't expect much in the way of drippings. How can I make a delicious gravy? Posted: 8:51 am on November 24th

raitken_fcweb writes: There’s no hard-and-fast rule on this. After surveying several of our turkey recipes, some do call for rinsing and some don’t. I’d say unless the recipe specifically instructs you to rinse the bird, you shouldn’t. And if it helps, see Maria Helm Sinskey’s recipe for Herb Gravy (it’s specifically for brined turkey to address the very problem you noted—pan juices that are too salty to make a good gravy): Posted: 3:04 pm on November 23rd

ohfortheloveof writes: I am planning to dry brine the turkey using a fine cooking recipe from a few years ago. I've used it several times and I love the results, flavor, simplicity. But, I have always had a question about whether to dry the turkey after first rinsing and then salting, or leave it damp to absorb the salt. And more importantly, whether to rinse the next morning after brining and before roasting. I try to brush away any unabsorbed salt because I don't want the drippings to be too salty. Sometimes they are too wet to just brush away. Rinsing would make this easier, but, am I affecting the crispiness of the skin? Posted: 2:28 pm on November 23rd

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