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A Drink with Brazilian Rum and Spices

The Fifth Season by Camper English

The Fifth Season by Camper English

By Camper English, contributor

December 16th, 2011

The Fifth Season is a cocktail I created around an aged cachaca. Cachaca is a Brazilian rum made from distilled, fermented sugar cane juice rather than the typical molasses of most other rums. Read a little more about it in a previous post here. It typically tastes more grassy and funky than regular rum.

While it is fairly easy to find cachaca in liquor stores these days, aged cachaca is far less readily available. I made this cocktail with Novo Fogo, a terrific organic cachaca aged for two years, but you should be able to substitute another brand of aged cachaca if that's all you can find.

The woody honey-caramel notes of this cachaca provide the backbone of the drink. I then added fresh lemon juice to freshen it up, and balanced that with the spices that come from ginger and cinnamon.

I created the drink in the summer yet the flavors seem a bit wintery, so I decided to name it for the imaginary fifth season of the year in which it is appropriate to drink it. That fifth season is now.

The Fifth Season
By Camper English

2 fl. oz. Aged Cachaca (Novo Fogo preferred)
1 fl. oz. Fresh Lemon Juice
1 fl. oz. Ginger Syrup
.3 fl. oz. Cinnamon Syrup (B.G. Reynold's Don's Mix preferred)
Lemon Peel for Garnish

Shake all ingredients except lemon peel with ice, then strain into a cocktail glass. Express the oils from the lemon peel over the drink and drop into the drink. A splash of champagne is nice in this drink too.

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