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The Dagwood

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By Alex Tillotson, contributor

December 7th, 2011


I'm going to keep things simple today. And lighthearted. Because I've had a pretty heavy week and I feel like looking at a fun and interesting blog can make things a little less heavy.

So today I'm not going to give you any new techniques or great recipes to try. Instead, I'll offer you something pretty darn cool to look at. It’s called a Scanwich.

Have you ever had the idea of cutting your sandwiches in half and scanning them to see what they look like on the inside from a photographic point of view? Probably not.

Jon Chonko, the mastermind behind the quirky and fun blog, Scanwiches had a job scanning documents. Sounds like fun right?...Needless to say, Jon became bored at work very quickly and decided one day to grab a sandwich, cut it in half, place it on a scanner (cut side down) and then scan it.


He uses a great scanner that brings up incredibly defined and detailed digital color images that would be the perfect artwork for your kitchen, dining room, or even a food-lover's bedroom. He has come up with some incredible sandwiches like the Dagwood, which used 36 different ingredients on four different types of bread. He has even published a book titled, "Scanwiches," that is a compilation of the many sandwiches he's scanned over time.

I hope you all enjoy this blog as much as I do. I just ate dinner, but somehow I'm now suddenly hungry for a sandwich.   


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Comments (4)

alex_tillotson writes: I want Scanwich photos for my kitchen! Posted: 10:51 am on December 19th

kvt25 writes: This is such a cool concept! Posted: 10:34 am on December 14th

alex_tillotson writes: Such a cool idea, right? Not to mention the scans are gorgeous! There was one with brie, apple and ham that looked delicious. Posted: 11:48 am on December 8th

Baker1231 writes: Where is my sandwich? BLT please? These look great! What an interesting
Idea. Love the club "scanwich". Posted: 10:11 pm on December 7th

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